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METOHI KINDELIS IS A BEAUTIFUL CENTURIES-OLD FARM IN CHANIA, CRETE. Metohi Kindelis is a charming organic farm outside the town of Chania and the home of the Kindelis family for over a century.

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Kaizen Health is dedicated to developing the technology and process to improve the healthcare experience for all involved, increasing access to patients and giving back valuable staff hours to healthcare providers.

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Jubileumi ünnepség 2013. 01. 24. Győr, Bartók Béla Megyei Művelődési Központ Pannon Nyugdíjas Szövetség 20 éves Arrabona Városi Nyugdíjas Egyesület 10 éves.

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EDITEL is a leading provider of EDI solutions (Electronic Data Interchange) that specializes in the optimization of supply chain processes. Our successful EDI projects are backed by 30 years’ experience and in-depth expertise.

The sixth international conference transport and logistics - til 2017 316 for sorting) and reassembly (merging) group of wagons according to the plan for formatting multigroup train.

The sixth international conference transport and logistics - til 2017 75 A modular system of train elements allows individual adaptation to any situation as shown on figure.

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